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When is the Right Time to Book Your Vintage Car Rental

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These cars may be used for traveling on the highway or just around town. Most rental companies offer classic cars with full coverage as needed and give classic cars for movies and photo shoots at Hollywood and Beverly Hills as well as a variety of mileage. These companies rent from a fleet owned by the company, which means that the company will keep good track of mileage for their customers. There are several rules and regulations that you must follow when hiring a classic car rental.

Some classic cars may require special permitting and insurance or may be higher in insurance than other rentals due to safety features. Always check with the rental company before you travel to ensure that they allow classic cars and will allow you to pick up your vintage car rental in California. This will help to ensure that you know that you are not breaking any laws while driving the vintage car.

Online Or By Phone

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You can book your classic car rental in California online or by phone. Most rental companies do not allow personal inspections. However, if you would like to take it in for a complete inspection, you should inform the company before you depart. If you have a classic car rental that requires full coverage, you should never rent it without first getting the full coverage paperwork for the vehicle.

When renting a classic limo or even a classic car rental from a chauffeured limo service, you can expect a very good customer service experience. If you want to ask questions about the limo you are considering, most companies have people on hand to assist you throughout the booking process. You can call them up to ask questions about rates, availability, or even about the status of the limousine. Usually, if they cannot answer your question right away, you can call back a little later.

Many Companies Provide Round Trip Shuttle Rides

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One of the best things about hiring a vintage car rental in Los Angeles is that many companies provide round trip shuttle rides to your hotel. If you have a long weekend planned and are worried about how you are going to get home, this is definitely something you want to consider. If you are staying at the Sherwood Country Club, for instance, you can expect a ride to your gate in about fifteen minutes. This can help you avoid the extra travel time needed when traveling back to the city.

Many people choose to rent a vintage vehicle for a special occasion. This could be a wedding, a reunion, a birthday party, or even a reunion of a family member’s classic car collection. There is really nothing that says “I’m from Los Angeles” or “I’m a Southern California Kid” better than renting a vintage car for any of these events. Remember, however, that renting Los Angeles classic cars for these occasions comes with added costs. There are fees for mileage, more driver and passenger insurance, and a couple other fees that will probably increase your final bill.

Need To Know The Area Well In Advance

If you’re planning on taking your vintage car for a spin around the famous Hollywood Strip, there is one thing you need to prepare for. You need to know the area well in advance to be sure that your vintage bus or town car will get past the hundreds of tourists, skateboarders, and party bus drivers who cruise the area daily.

It’s also a good idea to bring a friend or two with you who are familiar with the area. You don’t want to be stuck hauling your vintage vehicle around the Saw Canyon, or around Hollywood and Vine when you’re supposed to be enjoying your ride! In addition, if you plan on parking your vintage bus or town car on the street, it’s always a good idea to take a little time to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines of the area.


There are some things to consider before renting your own classic vintage vehicle. Are you looking to impress your date, or are you hoping to enjoy a classic car trip on your wedding day? Each of these situations has its own unique purpose, and there are many things to keep in mind before you make your decision. While the decision may seem overwhelming at first, a little preparation now will save you headaches later on!

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