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Top 4 American Muscle Car Game

american muscle car game

It’s more of a dream to drive a high-performance automobile that can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in seconds, so the first name that shoots in mind is Muscle Car. From the 1960s to the 1970s, a car was described as a wide variety of high-powered vehicles, particularly named American Muscle Car Game. It refers that its engine is the power of a car with American Muscle rather than the whole car specifically.

Like everything comes with that one special quality, American Muscle Car has V8 engine sounds. A V8 engine is an eight-cylinder shared; a common crankshaft comes with the arrangements of V shape design.

The American Muscle cars are extremely popular, mostly in the youth. User can access it for free and by paying as well from the Google Play platform and Amazon and so on others for the iPhone, iPods, and Android Device,

Classic American Muscle Car game

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Classic America muscle car game (version 2.22) with amazing experience comes with a real V8 engine sounds. Users can have a real-life experience and can have the number of cars from the era of the 1960s to the 70s for a classic experience with a better privacy policy. It can be accessed by the android devices.

Classic American Muscle Car 2

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The classic American muscle car 2 comes to you with the classic car from the 50s to 80s, obviously with a V8 engine real-life sound, in this, you can also take your care for clean-ups, and you can choose your car with day and night while going for a long ride. It has a special retro filter on the camera to have an old school experience. A great classic American muscle car comes with the ability to wheelie. What you have to do, you just press and hold the handbrake along with the gas button and go for the wheelie. The classic American muscle car two is featured with fixed bugs and new icons with the 1.98 version. Users can get full tablet support and full HD support along with the dynamic shadows.

American Muscle Car Racing

The American muscle car racing with version 1.0 are awesome in control, user can have the different cars with their respective advantages and contains the number of modes, and the good thing is every mode has a new kind of challenges due to the game graphics the game can give you a real-time feel. In American Car Racing, users can buy cars by spending coins, and users can get interactive UI.

Modern American Muscle Car

Modern American Muscle car with the Version 1.0004 and the all-new privacy policy Modern American Muscle Cars brings you an amazing experience with Muscle cars with new advancements. You can Turn on/off the engine.

Last Words

Of course, you can have real V8 engine sounds. You have freedom in this game, so you can do what you want. You have many Modern cars to choose from. Realistic driving experience and physics

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