Do Old Ford Cars Delight You? -

Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?

Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?

Have you heard about the Old Ford cars? Cars have been a fascination for us since forever. Not only do they mesmerize with their looks and design and offer us all the comfort that we seek but also provide us with the boost that we need in our daily lives, in speed.

The need for speed was there all the time, right from the very beginning of creation. With the change of age, leading to enormous hustle, there was a high demand for fast-moving vehicles. This ultimately led to the discovery of the Karl Benz patented Benz Patent-Motorwagen. 

However, if you look for the first cars that were available to the masses, it would be Ford. The 1908 Model T was the first model out of the American automobile makers. Numerous companies have dived in the race of manufacturing the best cars for the masses but Ford has carved out a niche all by itself.

Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?
Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?

Old Ford Cars: A Highlight

An authentic American company, Ford came forward and conquered the domain. It transformed the automobile manufacturing and laid the stage for popularisation of the culture of cars in the United States.

Moreover, the old Ford cars were the first kind of these vehicles seen on the road.

Old Ford Cars – Ford Fiesta

This is a supermini variant of the car from the all popular Ford Motor Company. The first version of this car dates back to 1976, which is now in its seventh generation. The Fiesta has already sold over 16 million units since when it first came out. This vehicle is manufactured all over Europe, Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, India, Venezuela, Taiwan, South Africa, and Thailand.

Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto is a subcompact car that ran rampant between the years 1971–1980. This car had enjoyed a successful production run of 10 years, with a whopping 3 million units sold. 

While in the market the Pinto competed ambitiously in the U.S. market. It was steered ahead in total production and highest model produced, sweeping its rivals, AMC Gremlin and Chevrolet Vega far behind. This vehicle gives a tough competition to the eminent imported cars, namely Volkswagen, Toyota, and Datsun.

Ford GT40

A premium quality American-British endurance racing car, Ford GT40 is a high-performance car. Moreover, along with its sizzling looks, it is also powered by a series of American-built engines, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive times, from 1966 to 1969. 

This model is built and designed in England and the United States. The Ford Mk IV GT40 was successful in winning the race in 1967. Moreover, until now, it is the only vehicle designed and developed completely in the U.S.

Among some other notable cars from Old Ford cars, Ford Torino, Ford Ranger, Ford Aerostar, Ford F-Series Super Duty are worthy of mention. I hope you like this post.

Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?
Do Old Ford Cars Delight You?

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