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Buick Muscle Cars – Moves Forward in an Innovative New Era

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Buick Muscle Cars is legendary in the industry for their luxurious looks and performance. In fact, this is what attracted most car enthusiasts towards Buick. Buick has also been making classic automobiles for over fifty years. These cars have a sleek design with ample room and a comfortable ride. They are easy to drive and last longer than most cars on the market.

Though Buick offers four distinct models of muscle cars, the newest addition to the brand’s lineup is the Buick Gran Sport340. The new model year is designed to emphasize style over practicality. This muscle car is different from other muscle automobiles in that it is both beautiful to look at and comfortable to drive. In fact, many consider the Buick Gran Sport340 to be the best overall value in a muscle car.


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The exterior of the Buick gran sport340 is similar to that of other muscle cars. It features high-gloss paint with a convex metallic finish and a soft vinyl top. The body sides are embossed with the Buick logo and are integrated into the headlamp housing. The front and rear bumpers are designed to complement the curves of the hood and the taillights. The front and rear fascia are complementary to each other and provide ample air flow.

The Buick Gran Sport340 features a new design for the transmission. A convex shaft transmitting power to the drive train under the hood is enclosed in a slim section. This new design helps the center of gravity to remain high, which in turn, helps to provide more efficient steering. The result is that with a less intrusive steering control, the engine controls are easier to handle. The transmission shifter has been completely reworked as well. This is another reason the Buick Gran Sport340 appeals to so many consumers.

Best Features

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The Buick Gran Sport340’s front end is based on the new coupe architecture of today. The contemporary skylark adds a sleek and elegant touch to the exterior. Large front air vents help to reduce engine noise. Large front headlights with new-style HID dual bulbs replace the previous high-gloss green lamps. The fog lights are redesigned to slim and highlight the hood and the fog trunk.

The Buick Gran Sport340’s interior features a simple and classy design. The seats have been relocated to provide a better view when the sunroof is open. The new “bling” method for channelizing air between the windshield and the roofline has also been used to create an improved seal. Standard seat fabrics are all highlighted in a new color scheme, including deep reds, blacks and pinks. Leather upholstery has been upgraded with the new sporty trims, complete with a new-style buckle.

Engine Specs

The Buick Gran Sport340’s engine is based on the new GSR line of General Motors’ compact cars. GM’s engineers managed to shrink the entire engine from 6.2 hp to just 4.2 hp, but it will still be powerful enough to power the lightweight, aluminum body. Buick is currently only making the Grand Sport340 for the sedan version, but it is expected to eventually make its debut on the mid-sized Sportrio models.


In the near future, there will likely be other Buicks launching with the same big muscle car era, such as the GSR coupe and the Gran Sportraine Coupe. However, for now the Sport340 remains the muscle car of choice for those looking for a lighter version of Buick’s standard line. It also happens to be GM’s smallest model year, so it has a leg up in popularity over its competitors. However, as with all rumors, it is best to wait and see if these models gain further popularity before investing in one.

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