An American Muscle Car Museum In Savannah Georgia -

An American Muscle Car Museum In Savannah Georgia

american muscle car museum

The American Muscle Car Museum is an exclusive private museum in Melbourne, Florida built by enthusiasts. The museum isn’t open to the public. Instead, the museum is often used for fundraisers for various charities. In addition, it sells autographed memorabilia from its collection to raise funds for a variety of local schools and charities.

There was a mini pielopod museum built in the 1950’s at a racetrack in New Jersey which taught amateur car enthusiasts all about this special auto. Several muscle cars were restored to near like new condition by using the skills of car builders and auto enthusiasts. The result was a mini museum, which hosted several auto-theme exhibitions in the area, touring some of America’s best-made cars.

Collection Of Muscle Cars And Other Hot Rods

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In the late nineteen sixties, a fellow enthusiast started the museum as a place to display his collection of muscle cars and other hot rods. In addition to displaying vehicles from the mid twentieth century, the museum now features twenty-five thousand square feet devoted to classic American muscle cars. The museum also features a recreation of the pit crew, which assembled each muscle cars.

The American muscle car museum in Melbourne operates under a dual agreement with the city of Melbourne and the John Hancock Center for Design and Innovation. It is located on the site of an old Melbourne gold rush railway station. The museum buildings are almost fully automated and run on solar power. Due to the size and complexity of the structures, the museum occasionally hosts events of both fundraising and gallery exhibit in an effort to raise funds and attract visitors. The most notable of these events was the “Car Mod Mania” event in 2021, which raised over one hundred thousand dollars for the museum.

A Gift Shop

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The Museum has a gift shop where one can buy equipment and souvenirs to take home to the family. Many local vendors are also invited to exhibit at the museum on occasion. In addition to the muscle cars and other prototypes, the museum houses a number of other artifacts as well. Among these items are an original wool rug from New Zealand; a plaque for the late governor of Tennessee; a bust of Tennessee’s first major governor, William Alexander; and a replica of Alexander’s horse Tippets. The museum also possesses an audio-visual archive, which includes a collection of motion pictures and other art and photography.

The main exhibits in the museum are automobiles that have been restored to working condition. Through the years the car show has gained popularity not only in the state of Georgia but also throughout the United States. Hundreds of car enthusiasts visit the museum each year to take in the show and purchase autographs or souvenirs. In 2021, attendance at the Car Mod Mania reached a record-breaking five hundred fifty people.

Providing Entertainment For The Crowd

Each year local entertainers make appearances at the show, providing entertainment for the crowd. Music concerts also make appearances at the museum. Special events such as visits by professional racecar drivers round out the regular events. In 2021 the museum decided to host a NASCAR racing classic, featuring some of the past winners.

Another tradition at the museum comes in the form of the Car Mod Parade, in which American muscle car enthusiasts compete in racing their own versions of the original models. For anyone looking for an exciting day out to explore the region’s history, the Muscle Car museum in Savannah is an excellent place to visit.


The museum exhibits a variety of auto artifacts and features a variety of interactive displays. A number of other events, including races, concerts, and car shows, take place on a regular basis. There is something for everyone, especially those looking for a unique experience. For the car enthusiast, there is no better place.

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