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3 Different Type Of Antique Car Horn

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Some people have an obsession with collecting old, vintage, and antique items. An antique car horn collection is one of those. Horn is a sound-making device used in motor vehicles, and it is different from what you see today in your modern and lavish cars. In old times the car horns were very similar to brass, trumpet musical instruments because they create a loud noise. Because of these musical instruments, it is much easier for drivers to be alert of vehicle arrival. 

Now old car horns are replaced by modern electric horns, but people like to have a collage of antique car horns. Below given are some of the rare and antique car horns that deserve to be in your collection. 

3 Common Antique Car Horns

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Antique car horns sound different from the sounds car horns today make. It was more a loud honk; probably the owner wants to show off of that time when there were only fewer cars. At the same time, a modern car sounds like a small and crips beep. You will be surprised to know that in old times, or I should say in antique cars, horns were not inside the car but outside the car. An antique car horn was operated from outside the car by pressing the rubber tube attached to it. 

Brass Antique Car Horn

This brass antique car horn that has a mounting bracket was made in India. It is originally made 8 inches high and 11 inches wide with a rubber bulb. This is the same as the musical brass instruments which are used in cars. Brass which is now known as a musical instrument, back in time, people also used it as a musical instrument. The instrument is played by blowing air through lips into the brass, but in cars, like a horn, it is used with a rubber bulb. 

Standard Electric Antique Car Horn

Oliver Lucas of England developed the standard electric car horn. It is driven by a flat circular steel diaphragm that has an electromagnet. The opening and closing of the circuit happen from diaphragm and electromagnet arrangements. This creates a loud sound like a buzzer or electric bell.

Brass Trumpet Antique Car Horn

The trumpet is also originally a French instrument that is played with lip vibration against a cup mouthpiece. If I talk about the brass trumpet antique car horn, then technically distinct one-third of the tube length. It has a very long pipe that ends in a bell-like shape. It also has a rubber-like ball attached to it; when you press this rubber ball, the air will blow out, and the horn makes a sound. 


It took a long time for antique car horns to move inside the modern car. The antique car horns used to last longer, and trust me; they used to have such a loud impact to awake a person from a deep sleep from a distance of 100 miles.

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